Help 31

Our Mission


To grow young teen girls into positive productive women of high self-esteem who respect themselves that can responsibly take care of themselves and their families and household during their lifetime through consistently demonstrating healthy life skills in areas of personal and financial business, character and dignity, confidence and strength, personal health, relationships and spirituality.

Our Vision

Provide real time and a lifetime of friendship, support, and mentoring to young women towards the goal of restoring each one to her relationships with family, other adults and herself and to building lifeskills for maintaining a positive healthy household.

  1. Donate

    You can mail your tax-deductible donation to Help31, PO Box 147, Paulden AZ, 86334. Help 31 is a 501(c)3 organization.

  2. Mentoring Volunteers

    Help with teaching lifeskills, and business skills to young women.

  3. Providing
    Provide or build a home for transition housing, and job opportunities to help the young women who will be housed there.




Health, Education, Life skills, and Proverbs 31 (Help31).

We are a group of believers of Jesus Christ who also deeply care to break the cycle and teach young women to be able to care for themselves and their families; to not be dependent on society. A Proverbs 31 woman takes care of herself, her family, and is a reliable employee or a trustworthy business owner.

Our goal of Help31 is to fully restore these girls to healthy relationships with themselves, their families, their teachers, their neighborhoods, their churches or other worship groups, and God.

Help31 is committed to the long term progress of these girls as they become young women and an important aspect of the Help31 program is its lifetime commitment to those we mentor and support.

Who We Are


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